Our Story

The never-ending question of “What’s for dinner?”

Family meals are quality time with your loved ones. But for many the whole process around home cooking is a daily hassle. Our CEO and Founder Petra, as a mother of 2 pre-schoolers knows the struggle of planning, shopping for and cooking tasty and healthy meals on a daily basis. She tried different existing solutions, like meal kits herself, but they never really worked well for the specific preferences of her family.

On the other hand, the sheer vastness of available recipe option online is rather overwhelming than helpful, when it comes to putting dinner on the table in a manner that does not consume the whole day. Listening to the same complaints from her friends, Petra decided to make use of her formal education as a chef and tackle the challenge herself.

Making home cooking truly simple.

Together with our CTO and Co-Founder Nick, she created the first version of Ready set Dinner: A web-app that answers your “What’s for dinner?”-question, considering all your family’s habits, preferences and restrictions. It also helps you to shop fast and efficient. And while you are cooking we guide you step-by-step to great results.

Petra uses her experience as Managing Partner of a consulting company to lead the company. She also takes on the responsibility for creating and expanding our recipe database. Having lived in Austria, Honduras, UK, Singapore and Switzerland before moving to the US, she brings valuable lessons from different cooking and food cultures to the table. In addition she is establishing and deepening partnerships with both traditional as well as new players in the grocery industry, so that we can bring your needs and wants and grocery offers and channels closer together.

Nick is responsible for the technical management of the recipe database and the development of the selection algorithm that makes sure the recipes are perfectly curated to your individual family. He also oversees the design and front-end development of the web-app to make sure it is easy to use for you.

The future of dinner time is hassle free.

Together with the rest of the Ready set Dinner team, Petra and Nick are continuously adding new features, recipes and partners to our service to make it the go to platform for feeding your family healthy and tasty food on a daily basis. Our pipeline is already full of great additions, but we want to make sure that we always listen to what our customers need and want most. So, never hesitate, let us know what you think of our current version, what you don’t like or what you wish the app could do for you. Send us an e-mail. We love to hear from you!

We envision that repetitive discussions over who does not like what ingredient, make way for relaxed chatting about the experiences of the day over a delicious family dinner. Mom does not need to pack up her 2 toddlers any more to quickly run to the store and get some last minute ingredients. Instead the exact shopping list is always ready and Dad can just pick it up when he passes by the store or hit the button “order delivery”. And instead of worrying about how a new recipe will turn out, you will confidently take every step to a delicious meal.

The best part of it, without making any extra effort your family will eat healthy and if you want to you can even follow a particular diet. You save money, because home cooking is cheaper than take-out and planned shopping helps you make better use of grocery deals. And as an extra-bonus less food is being wasted as you only buy what you really need.

Want to come on board?

We are always looking for great additions to our team. Do you like the idea of healthy and easy dinners for everyone? Do you want to use your skills to help shape and grow a young company? Send us an e-mail with some background about you and let’s have a conversation.

Have fun and enjoy cooking!

The Ready set Dinner team