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6 basics of healthy eating

There is a lot of noise about health and healthy eating. However, the basic rules are quite simple. In our busy and commercialized daily lives it is often hard to stick with it, and easy to over complicate it. Throughout this list of basics, you can identify wants to avoid temptations, explore ways to reward yourself in a healthy way and find the parts about a healthy life that you enjoy and indulge in those.

Mom and dad’s 2021 holiday wish list

The holiday season is upon us. This year has been challenging and full of uncertainty. Gift giving in 2021 is no exception. This Holiday (Non) Gift Giving Subscription/Digital Guide for Parents 2021 can be a helpful guide. As we are faced with supply chain issues, inventory shortages and higher prices, it feels like giving a special gift might be a huge challenge, or even out of our reach.

A new approach to leftovers

While leftovers are often, well… an afterthought, yet a big part of holiday traditions, we thought it would be fun to make leftovers part of the celebration, or not (we will explain). So, as you are planning your meal, develop your strategy for leftovers, which can be almost as fun as the meal itself.

How to Get your Kids to Eat Veggies

As parents we work hard to prepare balanced, nutritious meals, only to watch the vegetables sit alone on the plate after everyone has finished eating. Which leaves us all asking, how can I get my kids to eat veggies? The tips below are suggestions to get you started. Each action item in this post is something you can apply to your routine today.

Eat the rainbow – healthy fun for the whole family

ver got the suggestion for your own or your kids’ health to “eat the rainbow”. It is one of the few healthy eating tips that is almost as simple as it sounds: By eating fruits and vegetables of different colors every day you can ensure a balanced intake of nutrients without laborious macro tracking or complicated label reading.

5 tips for sustainable cooking

Food waste at the household level is more than twice as high as on the retail level. It is a tremendous waste of resources and a major CO2 emitter, it is also money down the drain. An average 4-person household in the US throws away food worth $1’500 💸 each year. So obviously reducing and reusing food waste is key in this area.

8 Tips for sustainable grocery shopping

Food accounts for 10-30% of a households carbon footprint, that is the bad news. The good news is that simple changes like cooking with chicken 🍗 instead of beef 🥩 can reduce your meal’s carbon footprint by as much as 75%. This is an example of the tips for sustainable grocery shopping we will share in this article.

9 must-have kitchen tools

There is a kitchen gadget for every imaginable task out there. There is even one for the not imaginable 😉. It can be overwhelming and expensive to know which tools you really need. To help, we have provided a list of 9 must-have kitchen tools to complete your kitchen to take the guess work out of which tools can really ease your cooking.

Spring Cleaning: Fridge Edition

Hurray for Spring! Winter is behind us, the sun is out, days are longer, and flowers are starting to bloom. Take a deep breath and take in the smell of budding foliage filling the air … sniff … ahhhhhh … sniff … hmmm … wait a minute, that doesn’t smell quite as pleasant as we expected, what’s that lingering smell? It’s probably your fridge, ew!