Mother and Child Cooking Sustanably

Part 2 of the #LiveConsciously series – Cooking

After our last article on sustainable behavior around grocery shopping, we want to look at 5 tips for sustainable cooking. We can take these into the kitchen 👩🏽‍🍳 to up our sustainability game.

Food waste at the household level is more than twice as high as on the retail level. It is a tremendous waste of resources and a major CO2 emitter, it is also money down the drain. An average 4-person household in the US throws away food worth $1’500 💸 each year. So obviously reducing and reusing food waste is key in this area.

#1. Give the peeler a vacation

They’ve been saving up their PTO for this moment! The truth is when buying organic produce, non-peeled produce contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. Compared to its peeled counterpart, the unpeeled produce ramps up your nutritional intake and saves you a step. For example, you can start cooking those zesty carrots right out of the refrigerator and pat yourself on the back for eating healthy and cooking sustainably.

#2. Get Creative

Pop Quiz. How much of a pumpkin can you eat? All of it. Turns out we preemptively toss over 20% of the produce we buy because of vanity 🙄. Here are some creative ways to use the most underrated food parts, most of which deliver big on flavor and nutritional value!

#3. Feed your worms

First, feed your family, of course. But after that save your food scraps and create some grade-A compost with your new pets, a band of red wrigglers. Seriously, some people pay a pretty penny for this literal garbage. If you’ve been working on that green thumb this will give your plants and sustainability game an extra boost.

#4. Cook smarter

Make an effort to not cook too much food for everyday meals. 🍜 Read the portions and cook just enough for whoever is planning on eating dinner. Feel free to keep those big portions for: post-soccer, nights you *just know* that your in-laws are stopping by and whenever you’re intentionally planning ahead to use those leftovers.

#5. Go Green

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We have provided suggestions for staying away from excessive and difficult to recycle food packaging last week. For the packaging that you can not avoid, make sure you recycle it correctly. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, as each city or town can have different requirements. Check with your local recycling center.

There are so many reasons to join our #LiveConsciously challenge and identify some simple behavior changes that help us reduce food waste and cook sustainably. You can start with these 5 tips for sustainable cooking. If it feels like too much to start with 5, pick 1 for now and start adding on as you develop the habit.

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