Family practicing 5 steps to eating sustainably

Part 3 of #LiveConsciously Series – Eating

In our last two articles we talked about ways we can up our sustainability game while grocery shopping and cooking. In this article, we will finish our #LiveConsciously series by addressing 5 tips for sustainable eating 🍴 that are healthy for the planet and ourselves.

The good news is that eating sustainably aligns very well with eating healthy. The Barilla Foundations Double Pyramid on health and climate impact of different food groups is a great visualization of this.

#1. (Let us) Plan your Meals

Firstly, we built Ready set Dinner to relieve you of the meal planning hassle and a supportive approach to sustainable eating. We want to make sure everyone in the family is happy with what’s for dinner, and to help avoid food waste. If you don’t have a ballpark plan there’s a high probability that you’ll spend more money and waste more food. Find a process or tool that works best for you. Moreover, studies show that eating home cooked meals is the best way to guarantee a healthy diet.

#2. Love your Leftovers

We’re not just talking about the rest of that box of spaghetti you made. In addition, you can love what manages to make its way home with you from a restaurant. Create a habit of eating leftovers the next day and find new uses for ingredients left in the fridge. Maybe you find an answer in our Search feature.

#3. Set the Table

Use cloth napkins. Adding cloth napkins reduces paper waste but also will fancy up your dinner table. Consequently, this also reduces any anxiety from the next paper-product shortage.

#4. Meatless Mondays

and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and… We all know the biggest culprit of emissions is red meat. Adding more meatless meals into your weekly schedule will help the environment. As a result, you will be able to savor your new favorite tasty vegetarian dish while enjoying more sustainable eating, more often. Find some great vegetarian meal ideas easily in our database. Don’t worry about your protein intake, there are plenty of vegetarian ingredients that are good sources of protein.

#5. Get Funky

Change things up. Try new things! 75% of the world’s food comes from 12 plants and 5 animal species 😲. Adding more variety into our diet helps reduce the threat of food security and is 👍 for the ecosystem. In addition, variety can also give you more nutrients. Look into the future with these 50 foods that can help reduce the environmental impact of our food system.

We hope you can use all 5 tips for sustainable eating, but if it helps, start with 1 or 2 and add from there as it becomes part of your routine.