Eat the rainbow

Healthy rainbow eating fun for the whole family

Ever got the suggestion for your own or your kids’ health to “eat the rainbow”. It is one of the few healthy eating tips that is almost as simple as it sounds: By eating fruits and vegetables of different colors every day you can ensure a balanced intake of nutrients without laborious macro tracking or complicated label reading.

The different pigments that give plants their color correspond to different phytonutrients. So, different colored plants contain different nutrients. Hence, eating a wide variety of colors will give you an equally wide variety of nutrients. This is as important as the total amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat every day.

Complete the rainbow, every day

To get a good variety of different colored fruits and vegetables as part of the recommended amounts for kids and adults, we have collected a few rainbow eating tips and tricks for you:

  • When shopping in the grocery store or at the market, make it a point to add new foods that you haven’t tried. Start with small amounts, if you are uncertain whether you will like it. Check our suggestions on new veggies to try based on similarities in taste with those you like.
  • Don’t be overly “form(al)”: Whether frozen, canned, fresh or dried, all forms of fruits and veggies count. Just be careful with added salt, sugar and preservatives.
  • Make each plate colorful: Try to incorporate two to three different-colored fruits and vegetables at every meal.
  • Use snacks to fill the gaps in your rainbow picture.
  • Turn it into a game or challenge for the whole family. We created the booklet below to help you with that.

Get our activity booklet – eat the rainbow and have fun

Eat the Rainbow Activity Booklet

This booklet contains:

  • guides on what the color tells us about our food
  • ideas for new fruits and veggies to try in all the colors of the rainbow
  • activities for the whole family that make “eating the rainbow” fun and a part of daily life

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