parent gift guide 2021

The (Non-) gift guide that gives parents what they really want

The holiday season is upon us. This year has been challenging and full of uncertainty. Gift giving in 2021 is no exception. This Holiday (Non) Gift Giving Subscription/Digital Guide for Parents 2021 can be a helpful guide. As we are faced with supply chain issues, inventory shortages and higher prices, it feels like giving a special gift might be a huge challenge, or even out of our reach.

If you have a parent among your loved ones, we have collected gift ideas that don’t require any shipping time or inventory. Instead, they give time, peace of mind, relaxation, joy, health and/or wonderful memories to the recipient, which have in our opinion – as parents ourselves – immeasurable value.  They are available right now, are ideal for last minute (or at a distance) and best of all, can be enjoyed not only during the holidays but long into 2022.

Healthy and enjoyable family dinners for the whole year

Get a customized collection of healthy recipes

Lift the burden of solving the what’s for dinner conundrum on a daily basis

Give the gift of ease of mind. Ready set Dinner helps families answer the often excruciating “What’s for dinner?” question on a daily basis, completely customized to their needs and wants. They get a personalized weekly recipe collection and shopping list that helps save the time and mental effort that goes into planning meals, makes grocery shopping super-simple and cheaper – no more buying stuff they don’t use and end up throwing away – and sticking to their health goals will be so much easier. The value of this gift is immeasurable because in 2022 health and convenience are on top of the list. Send an email to our team ( for a subscription giftcard.

Local farm fresh food delivered right to the doorstep

Market Wagon partners with more than 2,500 local farmers and artisans to deliver their goods to 45,000+ doorsteps. If the parent in your life lives within one of the locations they serve, this gift can be incredibly helpful. For those looking for sustainable gifts and supporting local organizations, this is the perfect fit.

Green Chef Logo

Meal kits- some drawbacks on sustainability and personalization, but great all-in-one solution

“We created Green Chef to make healthy, organic cooking easy and accessible while empowering anyone to be a real home chef,” said CEO and founder Michael Joseph. “Green Chef also saves customers time, money and food waste over shopping in-store for the same recipes. Depending on the cooking style and preferences of the family, there are many kit options which could fit their needs.

Family management at the fingertips

App that gives parents the super-power to stay on top of family schedules and chores

Many parents are on the lookout for a tool that coherently handles all areas of their family’s lives. Who does the chores? What rewards would you like to allocate to those chores? Where do we need to be when (scheduling can be the most difficult for busy families). Those are typical, but many might not consider they need support keeping the family connected, connecting to other parents for advice, teaching kids how to save for the future, and keeping their family private and secure. S’moresup has incorporated all of these into an intuitive, fun to use app, a gift that supports their family every day.

A relaxed mind and strong nerves, because that’s what parents need maybe more than anything

While a massage gift card can be great, helping parents find stress relief on a regular basis is a valuable gift.

Mindfulness is so important in our busy lives. We might not think that we can give the gift of a calm mind to a parent. Mindspace can be that gift. Although a healthy mind is not something we generally prioritize, it’s incredibly important to the overall health of the person and the collective health of the family. From the Mindspace website: “Through science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, Headspace helps you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you. Headspace is proven to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days.

A fit body to run after the toddler on the loose or keep up with the teenage athlete in their house

Support parents in achieving their fitness goals

Classpass is an app which helps the individual explore various ways to move, classes and experiences. You can sign up for different classes and try some new things. Sometimes people don’t move or exercise because they haven’t found something they enjoy. This subscription allows people to try it out, see what they love and see how they can work fitness into their life, and enjoy it!

Yoga classes for kids that parents love too

Team of friends working together to smuggle in the benefits of yoga and mindfulness while kids are having fun. They use stories, role-play and a good portion of silliness to make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids. Encourages kids to move and stretch their bodies – and squeezing in breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques along the way. Also great for adults!

App that tracks diet and exercise

MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise. The app uses gamification elements to motivate users. To track nutrients, users can either scan the barcodes of various food items or manually find them in the app’s large pre-existing database.

Actual quality time with parents and kids

Every family’s situation looks different, especially during the last few years. Some are educating at home, some are working from home and trying to engage with children. Some are helping tweens and teens manage life and school online. The list is endless. Parents might enjoy a way to connect with their kids through activities and projects, but might not know where to start. A great gift could be a monthly kit that provides the tools and instruction to do something together. The parent might enjoy it just as much and even learn something new!

There is a whole universe of these types of services out there today, we have collected a few that we particularly like. If the parent or family in your life already has a very specific interest, we are sure you can find something personal for everyone. Here are our favorites:

Creative hands-on projects for kids

Subscription service that brings creative, hands-on projects for kids to your home every month. The projects focus on science and arts and aim to help kids develop confidence in their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Plant Subscription

Their mission to reconnect every family & kid back to where food comes from by helping them experience the magic of growing it themselves – no green thumb or backyard needed.

Nature-based STEAM activity kits

Green Kid Crafts is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative, nature-based STEAM activities. Designed to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.

Children’s Books

Digital gift cards are a special gift, and give the parent an opportunity to choose what they would enjoy in that moment. These stories celebrate the bonds of family and how life lessons and values are built in the kitchen and through time spent together.

So many parents have taken on new roles, taken on more responsibilities at home and at work. These gifts can offer support, inspiration and new ideas. These subscription services are perfect for parents, or caregivers managing a home. They won’t have to pack it and carry them if they are traveling, or figure out where to store them. For those who want to give sustainable gifts, services are perfect, because they are not physical items. We are happy to suggest gifts to help parents feed their family in healthy ways, to stay organized, stay fit and stay engaged with their kids during the holidays and long into the future.